New Simply Apple Episode & Reflection

November 4th, 2011

Simply Apple PodcastAfter what seemed like a lifetime (but was actually only 2 weeks), the latest Simply Apple episode is now posted. Mark and I discuss Apple’s attempted Dropbox purchase, the venerable 1password (which I’ve praised before on these pages), and the best time to upgrade your Apple products.

On a personal note, I must admit that I’ve really been enjoying preparing and recording the Simply Apple podcast episodes, and really believe in the podcast as an excellent medium for sharing all of the things I’ve neglected to write about on my site. We have quite a backlog of topics to cover on the podcast, so here’s to hoping that we’ll get through it all in due time. Meanwhile, I have a couple technology posts that I’ve been working on and will hopefully soon publish on this site.

As for Simply Apple, we’re always looking to improve our work, so please use the feedback and tip form on the Simply Apple websiteto let us know what you think so far!

Simply Apple Episode 7: The Legend of Simply Apple
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