Last Simply Apple Episode of the Year

December 31st, 2011

Simply Apple PodcastMaybe it’s the fact that it’s the last day of 2011, but I find myself looking back on the last year in terms of technology and can’t help but think that it’s been a wild ride. Between Steve Jobs passing away, the release of the iCloud, and starting the Simply Apple podcast, there was definitely no room for boredom.

With that in mind, Mark and I present our last episode of 2011, ending the year on a high note with a jampacked show and our very first interview! We interviewed Nathan Douglas, a DEVONthink power user who helped us understand what the app is all about. I’m not completely sold on it (still in love with Evernote‘s simplicity and device ubiquity) but there’s a lot about this app that interests me after the show.

So check out the episode, and as always, let me know what you think. The best new year’s resolutions are the ones you wouldn’t have thought of yourself.

Happy New Year!

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