March 23rd, 2011

Well we are back now, after 25 plus hours in transit from Israel to Los Angeles. Our flight was uneventful (luckily), except that I got to catch up on all of my Instapaper articles. Before I left, there was over 150 of them, all of which are now read, and whose writers are comp.

As our trip is ending, I wanted to note all of the things that in one way or another did not make it into the previous journal entries. They are presented below, without substantial explanation and in no particular order.

  • The search for “weefee” in both France & Israel – a constant struggle
  • The resemblance between streets of Paris and SF Market St.
  • “Foo, please”
  • There’s no way to get out of Caesarea after 4pm on Fridays
  • The change of pace between Paris & Yokneam
  • Turtles have more pickup than a Chevy Cruze
  • Mitz Gezer and my apparent love for it
  • “Maytal, that’s right”
  • Blankets are a must for the open top bus in Paris in March
  • The Paris technological strip-search vs. The Israeli apathy for belts
  • This is a Man’s World, in French, over and over on the open bus tours
  • Residential cattle grazing by Susan’s house
  • The hefty lady at the front desk makes poor restaurant recommendations
  • The all-American, all-Rick Steves restaurant
  • Dina’s hate of public Rick Steves displays
  • Regretting not purchasing a local sim card for the iPhone
  • “Sushilka”
  • The hairy Chinese restaurant
  • Learning new vocabulary from Polina
  • Yearning for a hot shower
  • “Barbarians”
  • The Parisian search for a glass of milk
  • Ace Hardware flourishing in Israel
  • The lost gifts
  • “Izminenye marshruta”
  • Not knowing that we were even on a double decker (747) on the flight from Israel, the first time since coming to America
  • The little Dina-obsessed boy at LAX & the stress of her leaving
  • The Russian people everywhere
  • Coffee & Cigarettes is the apparent Parisian locals dietv
  • iPhone photos taken in airplane mode without surrounding wifi networks don’t have geolocation data
  • Updating apps while on the road leads to unexpected consequences (that’s why photo uploads stopped on day 11)
  • “Oh you didn’t know? That will be 25 euros.”
  • The square of malcontents in Paris became our square of malcontent-ment
  • The greet Israeli outdoor gyms everywhere
  • The nine dot game & thinking outside the box
  • “Georgia is a great investment” (as are section 8 housing projects in the South)
  • The Japanese Earthquake and the 3rd US War starting all while we were gone
  • The iPad restaurant at JFK where you can place your entire order in the most technological of ways, but you can’t pay that way.
  • The baggage claim puzzle game at LAX

So there it ends, our 13 day adventure to two different countries, filled with beautiful sights, wonderful people, and great experiences. It was challenging at times to write these entries, as usually I just write what comes to mind, but each time I sat down on this trip, only sleep came to mind. In the end though, I am glad to have these entries, as looking back on the past trips I’ve made is always greatly enhanced with the thoughts and experiences these pages. Here’s to hoping the next trip isn’t too far from now. See you next time.

  • Alla Paikin

    Znenya! I can’t wait to here full stories. Great joob!

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