Change of Pace

March 19th, 2011

It occurs to me that there are basically two types of vacations. First there’s the type where you run around learning, exploring, and photographing to learn the most about where you’re visiting. Then there’s the type when you do your best to simply relax.¬†Personally, or recently rather, Dina and I have taken part in the latter type of vacation moreso than the former, enjoying the warm sandy beaches of Kauai and Miami. This vacation however, has been mostly the former type, filled with beautiful sites, history, and photographs.

There is however an argument to be made that the best vacations combine elements of both types in various proportions (it’s no wonder cruises are so popular). Looking back on yesterday’s activities, it becomes clear that we added a more relaxed day to our vacation without really realizing it at the time.¬†

In the morning we visited Susan, who taught Dina English before the Paikins moved to America. Susan lives with her husband and three children in a house on a large hill. The view from her balcony showcases a beautiful green valley with a small road along it, at the bottom of a massive mountain covered with sprawling grass and plants. The view is quite similar to Kauai, except that in the next few months all of the greenness will fade to yellow as summer heat dries everything in sight. 

Susan is a freelance technical writer, and her husband Doron owns his own IT services company. Doron told us about his life, his journey from dairy farmer to tech consultant, and the intricacies of starting a successful business here in Israel. Unfortunately I did not get to talk to Susan as much, because she was running around preparing what was one of the most delicious meals that we’ve had on our trip, with cauliflower and mushroom quiches, salads, and pastries. It was great to meet their family, and it was clear how helpful Susan must have been to Dina who, at the time, could not appreciate the magnitude of how her life was about to change.

The rest of the day we spent in Yokeam, hanging out with Dina’s cousins and family. At night Polina and Ariel picked us up and we drove to nearby Zihron L’Yakkov, where we had dinner at a Chinese restaurant along a cute little street lined with shops. For a country without many Chinese people, the food was surprisingly decent (Dina and I only had wanton soup, tea, and dessert), but you couldn’t quite call the place sanitary which took much away from the experience. Either way, it is always great to catch up with old friends, and we are now ready for some more sightseeing in our last two days here!

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